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Director of Imaging Services Jack Berry handled my MRI. He was friendly and professional. I was surprised by how quickly the radiologist’s report was completed and returned to my neurologist.

- Mary C-F

Jack (Berry) and PIC were willing to go the extra mile for my daughter. Their cooperation was instrumental. We are very appreciative.

- Susan Edwards

The PIC staff took the time to interact with me as a fellow human, not a cow being herded through a chute. Their system was smooth and efficient. Their smiles, questions, and quiet and gentle demeanor made it clear they cared for me as a person.

- Cherish Yost

I'm a Kaiser patient and have been very happy with my results with PIC. The people are great and efficient.

- Lon Buck

I was constantly being referred to Portland. I finally insisted on Pacific Surgical and PIC. They are the best!

- Gleeann Kamp

Great service and great employees.

- CH

Friendly staff. Helpful, kind, and pleasant.

- PS

Best MRI place to go.

- SF

Very personable, informative, and caring.

Holly was very professional and friendly.

Great service by staff. Very friendly and diligent.

- DR

Julian was very nice, was able to answer my questions, and made sure I was comfortable. It was my first MRI and sometimes that can be scary. He put my mind at ease. Very likable!

- ME

Always friendly, helpful, professional.

- SE

Kaiser referred me for an appointment for an MRI, and I got in the next morning. The entire process was easy. The staff was very helpful. I was on crutches and appreciated the help I was given. A very nice experience. Thank you.

- SE

Julian was amazing! Very thorough and down to earth. Definitely personable and a pleasure to meet. He even allowed me to listen to music and made sure I was comfortable during my MRI. He is an asset for your practice. State-of-the-art equipment as well.

- HS

Very professional and friendly.

- WW

The entire experience and the staff were both terrific. Everyone was so nice, and everything went smoothly.

- KG

The staff was very professional and friendly.

- JB

I have had positive experiences three years in a row.

- JW

Very positive experience.

- DR

Very impressed.

- KF

I was taken in for the MRI promptly. Everything was good and your people were extremely pleasant and friendly. I was impressed there was no waiting time to get in and get the test done and that you were available on a Sunday.

- JD

I found your staff to be extremely professional and compassionate. Thank you!

- TM

The MRI staff was very friendly and professional and made my visit very stress-free. Thanks.

- DS

The staff was very helpful, friendly, and considerate.

- AR

I appreciated the office person helping me finish the Ipad questionnaire.

Overall, as enjoyable an experience as an old fat man can have.

- MC

Easy to get to and very clean. I didn’t have to wait, and the MRI tech was very kind and helpful, making me feel calm. No negatives from me at all.

- JH

Loved the online pre-registration. Loved that there were super-early appointments available to people who work. Everyone was nice and the process was quick and easy.

- BV

Got confused about time and was almost late. Staff was very kind and had a “no problem” attitude. Thank you for your patience!

- RZ

Friendly staff. Very professional. Everything was done well.

- SE

Very nervous going in. Technician made me comfortable and the whole process was a piece of cake.

- RB

Excellent facility and process.

- CT

Excellent overall experience!

- RR

I came in for an MRI and everything was great.

- RE

I was a little nervous because I never had a MRI before. But was very comfortable getting the MRI. The imager was very professional, and I had no fear of the machine and he told me what to expect.

- CW

The man that gave my MRI WAS BEYOND KIND.

- JW

It was very nice and efficient. Very helpful employees. I have not received my results yet, just took the MRI on Friday.

- EJ

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