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Director of Imaging Services Jack Berry handled my MRI. He was friendly and professional. I was surprised by how quickly the radiologist’s report was completed and returned to my neurologist.

- Mary C-F

Jack (Berry) and PIC were willing to go the extra mile for my daughter. Their cooperation was instrumental. We are very appreciative.

- Susan Edwards

The PIC staff took the time to interact with me as a fellow human, not a cow being herded through a chute. Their system was smooth and efficient. Their smiles, questions, and quiet and gentle demeanor made it clear they cared for me as a person.

- Cherish Yost

I'm a Kaiser patient and have been very happy with my results with PIC. The people are great and efficient.

- Lon Buck

I was constantly being referred to Portland. I finally insisted on Pacific Surgical and PIC. They are the best!

- Gleeann Kamp

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