NOIA Partnership

Pacific Imaging Center (PIC) is proud to partner with National Orthopedic Imaging Associates (NOIA), one of the most respected radiology groups in the nation.

Following your appointment at PIC, an expert in musculoskeletal or neurological MRI will read your scan and provide diagnosis. Reports will be forwarded to your doctor’s office within 4 to 24 hours of your visit.

Based in Marin County, California, NOIA radiologists read 300 MRIs each day. NOIA delivers exceptional musculoskeletal image interpretation services in a timely, reliable manner to referring physicians and imaging facilities such as PIC.

Jay Kaiser, M.D

NOIA Founder, Jay Kaiser, M.D.

Founded by Dr. Jay Kaiser, NOIA has earned a reputation for quality and professionalism. Your scan will be analyzed by the same group of radiologists that assists professional teams such as the Cleveland Indians, San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, Denver Rockies, San Francisco Giants, Golden State Warriors, and Oakland Athletics. NOIA also works with athletes at Santa Clara University and Colorado State University, as well as the U. S. Ski Team.

NOIA specializes in advanced diagnostic imaging of the musculoskeletal system and spine. Since 1989, NOIA’s pioneering use of teleradiology has allowed them to expand their professional activities beyond their regional practice by creating a national orthopedic imaging network. This network connects the expert diagnostic skill of the NOIA team to a number of regional orthopedic sports medicine clinicians throughout the United States. Many of these clinicians are the team physicians for their local professional and collegiate athletic teams. As the network has grown, NOIA has earned a reputation for providing detailed, consistent, and accurate diagnoses in sports medicine imaging.

Collectively, NOIA radiologists have performed over 300,000 MRI and CT scans at affiliated imaging centers around the country that are digitally networked to their offices in the San Francisco Bay area. It is from this base of specialized diagnostic experience, along with their educational and research efforts, that NOIA radiologists can provide concise expert interpretation to orthopedic physicians anywhere in the country.

Jay Kaiser, M.D

NOIA radiologists are sub-specialty experts in spine and musculoskeletal diagnosis

Most notably, the NOIA teleradiology network provides the opportunity to deliver this superior diagnostic capability in a time frame that orthopedists and their patients seldom are able to experience locally. NOIA scans are generally transmitted for interpretation within one hour after the examination was started. Any significant findings are either called or faxed to the referring physician immediately. The signed radiology report, using a format and terminology that is standardized and concise, is transmitted back within 24 hours. In addition, for either pre- or post-study consultations, the radiologists are immediately accessible via a direct “hot line.”

NOIA’s radiologists are committed to providing quality educational programs in support of the various local referring communities they serve. They present seminars for orthopedic surgeons, spinal clinicians, and neurologists that are tailored to the particular needs of specialists. Other seminars address the more general needs of primary care physicians. In their presentations to local communities, NOIA radiologists can offer the same level of expertise and show the same advanced techniques that are usually available only at national meetings.

Members of NOIA are actively involved as clinical faculty at two major teaching institutions. In addition, they serve as medical advisors to major manufacturers of imaging and teleradiology systems and sit on the advisory board of the Steadman Hawkins Sports Medicine Foundation. NOIA radiologists lecture at national orthopedic and radiology conferences, and at multi-disciplinary meetings for the study of the spine and musculoskeletal system. They have published numerous original papers in radiology and orthopedic journals. They also serve on editorial boards for a number of scientific journals and are involved in many educational outreach programs.

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