Pacific Imaging Center


You have the right to choose where you want your MRI performed. Ask your physician for a referral to Pacific Imaging Center. Our goals are to provide superior MRI services and to treat patients with the utmost care and respect.

We feature state-of-the-art equipment, expert technologists, and analysis by the most respected radiologists in the nation. But what truly sets us apart is our personal service. From convenient parking to the attention of our skilled staff, we are committed to ensuring that your MRI is as comfortable, quick, and complete as possible.

Pacific Imaging Center offers two unique services:

We have partnered with National Orthopedic Imaging Associates, one of the foremost radiology groups in the country. When your MRI is completed, the scan will be transmitted instantly to the NOIA staff, which has sub-specialty training in musculoskeletal and neuroradiology. Results will be returned to your physician within 24 hours. Our partnership with NOIA guarantees that your MRI will receive the most accurate and thorough analysis possible.

Pacific Imaging Center is the only imaging facility in the area to offer Axial Loading for patients with chronic lower back pain. Using the DynaWell®  L-Spine device, we are able to provide a more comprehensive MRI of the lumbar region than would otherwise be possible.

Pacific Imaging Center is owned and operated by Longview Orthopedic Associates. If an LOA physician schedules you for an MRI at Pacific Imaging but you would prefer to have your scan done elsewhere, please let us know. Our staff will help you make the necessary arrangements.

Dr. Jay Kaiser President of NSIA/NOIA explains axial loading of the lumbar spine using high field MRI at Pacific Imaging Center.

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