Pacific Imaging Center Goes the Extra Mile for Courtney Edwards

Courtney Edwards, who was 17 at the time, began suffering muscle weakness throughout her body in 2007 that has left her virtually paralyzed. Several doctors attempted to diagnose the problem but were unable to come up with a definitive cause.

Courtney’s doctor was willing to try a new approach to diagnosing the problem, and Courtney and her mother, Susan, were directed to Pacific Imaging Center in Longview. They found Jack Berry, Director of Imaging Services at PIC, to be very helpful.

“Jack and PIC were willing to go the extra mile for us,” Susan Edwards said. “Their cooperation was instrumental.”

Previous MRIs had not detected a problem, but things were different this time. The process involved stabilizing Courtney’s neck in a tipped “flexion” position with her head tipped toward her chest. The scan revealed a cervical spinal compression that would not have been visible on a normal MRI.

“It was a matter of thinking outside the box,” Berry said. “After reviewing the research material regarding this type of procedure, I concluded we could accomplishment what was needed by using the new positioning procedure.”

Susan Edwards said that PIC is one of only a handful of imaging facilities in the U.S. willing to offer this type of MRI.

Courtney is now consulting with a neurosurgeon on the East Coast. The family is hopeful that pinpointing the cause of will result in an effective treatment regimen.

“We would never have had this diagnosis if Jack had not been willing to do what others were not,” said Susan Edwards. “We are very appreciative.”

Call PIC at (360) 501-3444 for additional information.

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