Jack Berry Attends MRI Training Seminar

Jack Berry, RT – Director of MRI Services at Pacific Imaging Center – attended a training seminar in Las Vegas from July 21 through July 24.  

Titled “Kanal’s MR Physics – and How to Apply It,” the conference covered topics ranging from basic physics of nuclear magnetic resonance to MR safety to nephrogenic systemic fibrosis. 

“It is always good for technologists to reacquaint themselves with the basic physics of MRI,” Berry said. “The MRI arena is changing so fast, not only in terms of better imaging but also in terms of safety and contrast agents. The ideas I picked up at the conference will translate into a more comprehensive and quicker diagnosis for referring physicians, who can better treat their patients.”

Jack Berry, Director of MRI Services at Pacific Imaging Center

Jack Berry, Director of MRI Services at Pacific Imaging Center


Berry said that recent changes in MRI technology make it imperative that technologists constantly update their knowledge. “Unlike other imaging modalities, such as CT, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine, MRI can utilize pulse sequence adjustments to bring out definition in a particular tissue. A lot depends on the technologist and the radiologist knowing when to change a sequence, given the diagnosis, to get the best possible scan.”

Image quality and tissue detection are essential in helping doctors identify and treat a particular disease. In addition, surgeons benefit from having the most precise information possible when performing a procedure. “Of course the patient is the real winner when MRI scans are detailed and accurate,” Berry said. 

Pacific Imaging Center utilizes a GE 1.5 Tesla EchoSpeed Plus MRI system. The high-field, short-bore, whole-body imaging system is designed with open, flared ends to ease anxiety and increase patient comfort.

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